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PowerWave 2.0 Certification LEVEL 2 - 03/06/18 - London

This course will be held at: Fit 4 Less Southwark, Moonraker Point, 1 Pocock St, London, SE1 0FN

The date for this course is: Sunday 3rd June 2018, 9am-5pm


The aim of the PowerWave™ Instructor Certification - Level 2 is to provide a comprehensive and practical training course for fitness professionals to understand the application of the PowerWave training device and the various individual  based workouts.

By the end of Level 2  attendees should be able to:

1. List the benefits of PowerWaveTM TR  training and how it differs from all other training meth.ods

2. List and practically apply the safety considerations of training with a PowerWaveTM .

3. Apply the warm up and cool down drills into a safe and specific warm up for PowerWaveTM training sessions.

4. Demonstrate the correct techniques for the PowerWaveTM individual  based exercises.

5. Teach, design,  analyse, perform  and correct technique for the PowerWaveTM individual  based exercises.

6. Understand the unique protocol for each of the following PowerWaveTM workouts - Complete 30/40™ , 5th Degree™, 2r Zeus Power™ and an insight into individual based coaching positions.


THEORY: Completion of questionaire assessment. 12 questions – 10 needed to pass

PRACTICAL: Competent demonstration of the foundation exercises for each workout (Wave20™, Relay369™, 5th Degree™ and BEASTREPS)

COACHING: Competent demonstration of coaching skills for all of the group based workouts


Complete 30/40™ Design & Instruct one session either 30 or 40 depending on ARR score (1:30 hours)

5th Degree™ Design & Instruct one workout (2 hours)

2R™ Design a workout in accordance to a clients imbalance (30 minutes)

Zeus Power™ Design & Instruct one workout (30 minutes)


Outcomes - 16 REPs CPD Points upon successful completion of the course.

Only when these 4 assessments have been completed, submitted and passed successfully can you be presented with your certification. You will receive your results 14 days of completing and submitting all assessments. Please make sure your PowerWave License is still valid before advertising yourself as a PowerWave level 2 Instructor.


Please note - in order to obtain a Level 2 license to write and deliver PowerWave sessions you MUST be at least a minimum of a Level 2 Gym/Fitness Instructor, successfully pass the PowerWave assessments, obtain a PowerWave license and have Public Liability Insurance. 

If you do NOT have a Level 2 Fitness qualification but you are a qualified coach with a recognised sporting body then you upon successful completion of this course you can deliver the pre-set workouts to your athletes. 

If you cannot provide evidence that you are a Level 2 Gym/Fitness Instructor or a qualified sports coach then you can still attend the course to learn about the product but will not be able to teach PowerWave until you have the formal coaching qualifications in place. 


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