Results Based Training by Jordan Fitness | Functional Fitness Training

Training Ropes are an amazing new functional training tool to provide an exciting, dynamic and enjoyable challenge to standard fitness programmes. On this workshop you will learn how to use the ultimate unconventional training tool: 
•To improve Cardiovascular Fitness
•To improve grip and forearm strength and strength-endurance
•To Improve Strength, Strength-Endurance and Power-Endurance
•For energy expenditure leading to metabolic acceleration and fat loss
•To improve functional movement across Primary Patterns
•To improve Co-ordination, Proprioception and Core Efficiency
•Used Indoors or Outdoors
•With Professional Athletes, Armed Forces or Emergency Services Personnel
•To Improve focus under physical stress
•As a Variation from Conventional gym based training methods
A really popular training tool is the US, now available in the UK and Europe through Jordan Fitness and versatile enough to be used by both genders, all ages and all levels, in personal training sessions or as part of group classes. The Rope Training Workshop will teach you all of the safety and set-up considerations, the theory of rope training and its application, as well as dozens of foundation exercises and progressions. This Workshop will enable you to develop and perfect your own technique, as well as introducing this innovative form of training to your clients. 

Course Aims & Objectives -

The Aim of Rope Training is to provide a comprehensive practical overview for fitness professionals of the background, science and application of Rope training.By the end of the workshop attendees should be able to:
1. Understand the benefits of Rope Training and how this equipment fits into the Functional Training Methodology. 
2.  Understand the safety considerations and how to safely and effectively set up and use Ropes.
3.  Demonstrate the correct techniques for different upper body, lower body and core rope exercises.
4. Show how to correctly programme and implement rope training with complementary bodyweight and other functional equipment exercises.
Assessments - None

Uses - Group Exercise, Personal Training

Outcomes - 6 REPs CPD Points for successful completion of the course.

Entry Requirements - To qualify for REPs CPD attendees should possess a Level 2 Gym Instructor or Studio Instructor Qualification minimum and a Valid REPs membership. This course is open to fitness enthusiasts not on the Register of Exercise Professionals, but certificates will not include REPs CPD Points.

Taught Course

- Available as Private Courses (in-house).

- To enquiry about course availability please complete a Combined Course Enquiry Form:

- Purchase for groups of 16 instructors. 

- Course requirements = Training area with rope anchor points  and space to accommodate 20 attendees (maximum) exercising dynamically with 4 ropes. Theory area with electronic projector and screen preferred but not essential. Equipment (4 ropes with suitable anchor points). 

 - Total Duration is 8 hours (including taught day).

- SRP is £800 (plus travel costs and exc VAT)


Taught Day Timetable

10.00 Registration, Rope Training Theory
10.45 Break 
11.00 Practical – Basic rope exercises and variations
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Practical – Adv rope exercises, progressions and variations
15.30 Programming for Individuals and Groups
16.00 Conclusion