Results Based Training by Jordan Fitness | Functional Fitness Training

Phase 8 - On-going Support

We want to assist you to maximize the usage of your new functional space and so we provide a variety of things for your ongoing support:


Access to New Promotional Material

We are constantly designing new promotional posters, pull ups, promotional videos, wallpaper and other resources which you can access via our resources site. 

Updated Education Resources

In order to continue to ensure your customers are getting results, it is important that they vary their functional training programmes on a regular basis. As such we will be uploading new training programmes and RBT group sessions for qualified instructors and RBT trainers to download and utilize within their one-on-one or group training sessions.

New Education

We will continue to launch new face-to-face and new digital versions of our education CPD courses. This will allow your training team to access new information, understand new research, gain valuable CPD points each year, and inject new ideas into their practical sessions.  


On-Going Support considerations for the RBT Functional Area brief include:

 – Would you like access to new Promotional Material when released?

 – Would you like to be kept updated on new Education Resources when released?

 – Would you like to be kept updated on new Education Courses/Workshops when released?


Now you are ready to complete the RBT Functional Area Brief and then we can start to get your new, bespoke functional area developed.