Results Based Training by Jordan Fitness | Functional Fitness Training

Phase 7 - Implementation

Now that your new functional space has been kitted out and promoted, it is important to facilitate its use by customers, which we can help you with. It is critical that both sales and training staff have all the resources they need to get across this paradigm shift to your new members.

Practical Implementation of Education

All of our face-to-face and digital education courses and workshops have been developed with practical implementation in mind. We always follow the mindset that knowledge without practical implementation will be a waste, so we constantly look to facilitate the practical implementation of our education knowledge with session plans, practical tips and assessments to help trainers monitor their clients results. We also provide guidelines of new ideas with our education programme like how to promote and conduct Functional Inductions on the new equipment.

Exercise Posters

Jordan Fitness have a number of exercise posters which can be displayed next to the relevant equipment to assist clients that be reminding of how to perform the prescribed exercises, or to give them new ideas of what exercises can be performed with it.

Exercise Videos

We are currently developing a library of exercise clips to that can displayed on TV screen as part of a loop or as a resource library for your training or sales staff.


Implementation considerations for the RBT Functional Area brief include:

 – Would you like your education programme to include information on Functional Inductions and other ideas on how to increase member usage?

 – Would you like your education programme to include Small or Medium Functional Group Training?

 – Would you like Exercise Posters to educate and support member usage of the Functional equipment?

 – Would you like access to Exercise Videos to educate and support member usage of the Functional equipment?


When you know what type of Implementation you will need go Back to RBT System and review the next Phase.

When you are ready please complete the RBT Functional Area Brief and then we can start to get your new, bespoke functional area developed.