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Phase 6 - Education

One of the main factors that stands Jordan Fitness head and shoulders above its competitors is the quality, experience and complete package that is offered by our Training Academy. The Jordan Training Academy has the largest CPD portfolio in the UK and Europe, and the training team has trained thousands of students and trainers over the years, specializing in CPD courses.

The Jordan Training Academy has over 100 workshops, seminars and certifications available and we offer the highest standard CPD (Career and Professional Development) education for health and fitness professionals and is endorsed by REPs (the Register of Exercise Professionals). We offer:



 Full List of Courses Available

 The correct education programme for your new Functional Area will mean:

  • Better results for your clients/members
  • Immediate usage of the Functional equipment
  • Safe usage of the equipment by staff and members
  • Reduced risk of unsafe usage and potential liability
  • Meets HSE recommendations for providing training to staff on new equipment in the workplace
  • Shows investment in your staff
  • Increases staff motivation and helps to decrease staff attrition
  • Digital Education can allow for staff training to occur at anytime without the necessity for face-to-face courses
  • Digital Education can allow new staff to be trained without the need for additional face-to-face courses


Education considerations for the RBT Functional Area brief include:

 – Would you like Digital Courses/Workshops, Taught Courses/Workshops or a mixture of both?

 – What functional training topics do you and/or your fitness team need training on?

 – Do you have an education programme currently in place for your fitness team?

 – What education is required prior to launching your new functional area?

 – What ongoing education will be  required and how often would a taught course be suitable (we usually recommend 1 day every 3 months)?


When you know what type of Education you need go Back to RBT System and review the next Phase.

When you are ready please complete the RBT Functional Area Brief and then we can start to get your new, bespoke functional area developed.