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Phase 5 – Marketing

This area is crucial because it will help you to promote your new functional training area. Not only do your current members need to know why you have introduced such a space, and how they can benefit from it, but we believe we can help you to stand out from your competitors and help you attract new customers. Our in-house Marketing team are here to give you a variety of marketing tools that can be utilized and integrated within your own marketing strategy.

Pull Ups

We have a variety of pre-designed 'pull ups' that can be downloaded and you can even add your own logos to the designs. These pull ups can be placed in strategic locations, such as receptions and hallways to promote both the new equipment and even the new classes or services that the functional space will allow you to deliver.

Promotional Posters

We have promotional posters on all of our RBT classes for you to place in the gym, corridors and changing rooms to entice your members to try out these new functional group training sessions.

Promotional Videos

Using 3D video Fly-throughs and training videos we can help you produce promotional videos, which can help you increase the excitement for your new functional space prior to launch.


The following considerations should be made for the RBT Functional Area brief:

 – Would you like any of our Pre-Designed Pull Ups?

 – Would you like to customise any of our Pre-Designed  Pull Ups with your own logo?

 – Would you like any of our Promotional Posters?

 – Would you like to use some of our Promotional Videos?


When you know what type of Marketing support you will need go Back to RBT System and review the next Phase.

When you are ready please complete the RBT Functional Area Brief and then we can start to get your new, bespoke functional area developed.