Results Based Training by Jordan Fitness | Functional Fitness Training

Phase 4 – Design

Once we have selected what type of functional space you need, the type of flooring, and what equipment you want in there,  the design stage allows you to really customize your facility – colours, customized markings and wall images can all be made specifically to your needs or chosen from our pre-designed options. 

Its important that we know the exact dimensions of the facility (length, width, location of doors/windows/mirrors, height, etc) – accurate architectural plans are best. You should also think about any restrictions – such as access restrictions, noise or loading limitations. If you can sketch a rough idea of the layout you want, then from this we can put together a 2D or 3D layout of your new facility. Trade Customers can subscribe to our design programme (EC Design) to develop the 2D or 3D themselves.


There are many different colours of flooring to choose from, as well as a number of different wallpaper designs. We advise clients to choose more primary colours (red, blue etc) that won’t date as quickly and therefore won't need replacing every 12-18 months.

Pre-Designed Wall Imagery

We have a number of pre-designed images that you can purchase to go onto the walls of your gym or studio. These are a great option to really bring the new area to life, and we are constantly adding new designs to these. Please ask for more details. Many clubs really like the wall graphics that we commonly use on our 3D functional space designs and so we have teamed up with a company that can provide you with our pre-designed images on solid wallpaper. We can provide you with the related codes to access our designs and make your functional space look truly stunning






The following considerations should be made for the RBT Functional Area brief:


 – Do you want a 3D image pack of 6 images from different angles?

 – What is the size of the area to be customised?

 – What are the dimensions including ceiling height?

 – Are there any restrictions to design or installation - such as windows, doors, noise, access, floor loading?

 – Do you have an architects drawing of the area?

 – Do you have any photos or images of the area?

 – Do you have an idea of what you want the area to look like? If so a quick "sketch" can help bring your idea to life.

 – Which colours would you like to use in the 3D Design?

 – Would you like pre-designed wallpaper or pull ups? If so which ones?


Our professional in-house Graphic Design team are waiting to create the perfect look for your new training area. 


When you know what type of Design you need go Back to RBT System and review the next Phase.

When you are ready please complete the RBT Functional Area Brief and then we can start to get your new, bespoke functional area developed.