Results Based Training by Jordan Fitness | Functional Fitness Training

Phase 2 – Equipment 

Once we have mutually decided which type of functional space you need, we then need to consider what equipment you will have before we can design it for you.

All of our equipment (freeweights, studio, performance, combat etc) can be classified as ‘functional’ depending on what type of space you are looking for. Have a look at the Example Layouts page if you need any ideas. It may also be worth consulting with other members of your fitness team once you have developed your initial equipment list to see if they would like to add/remove any items.

A lot of our items have several different ranges which all have slightly different advantages to them depending what your aims are. If you need any help choosing between similar items from our range – different dumbbells, medicine balls, sandbags, suspension systems, Kettlebells etc, then  firstly have a look at our website which details the nuances between different types of the same equipment - and if there is anything you are unsure about then we are on hand to help. Our in-house sales team are on hand to explain which equipment is right for you. This ensures you’ll make the right selection first time.

We could leave you to do all of this yourself, however there some common areas that people often overlook, and because we design these spaces so often it makes sense for us to help - so you learn from other peoples mistakes. Simple things like storage/racks for dumbbells/barbells/Kettlebells/sandbags etc, and anchor points for suspension systems etc. If you are going to be using the space for group training, make sure you have enough equipment for the number of attendees you envisage and that there is sufficient space.


Please contact the Jordan Sales team at:, who will help you choose the right equipment for your functional training space.

Alternatively, why not contact Mark Laws at: to discuss which equipment will really work for your functional training space.


When you know what type of Equipment you are after go Back to RBT System and review the next Phase.

When you are ready please complete the RBT Functional Area Brief and then we can start to get your new, bespoke functional area developed.