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Marc Edwards


Mark Laws

Mark has worked in the fitness industry full time since 2006 and has worked in a coaching capacity since 1999. He has worked for many mainstream gym chains in the UK and has an extensive background in professional sports - including spells with Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Castleford Tigers Rugby League Club, Sheffield United Football Club, Chinese Football Association, Beijing 2008 Chinese Olympic squad and Great Britain Ice Hockey.

In recent years Mark has taught educational courses to other fitness professionals. He currently works full time as Business Development & Training Academy Manager for Strength & Conditioning Education – providing a world class mentorship and other qualifications to S&C coaches all over the world.

Mark regularly delivers lectures/presentations at international fitness exhibitions and in 2016 will deliver training in Europe, Dubai, India, Singapore and America.

Ben Boulter 

Having worked as a personal trainer for nearly 10-years, Ben then graduated as a Chiropractor from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. He now currently owns a clinic and works full-time in Buckinghamshire. Having experienced both the fitness and healthcare professions, it became apparent that there is a distinct gap between the two with regards to patient/client care. With this in mind, Ben started to develop the Functional Rehabilitative Training course to aid both the fitness and healthcare industries to work closer together. In 2015, B2: Fitness Training Solutions released the a textbook to coincide with the training course, Functional Rehabilitative Training: A Professional Approach.

Ben will be working closely with Jordan RBT to deliver workshops on functional rehab, from both a medical and exercise perspective, covering topics such as gait analysis, motor pattern assessment, and advanced anatomy. 

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