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Marc Edwards


Ben Boulter 

Having worked as a personal trainer for nearly 10-years, Ben then graduated as a Chiropractor from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. He now currently owns a clinic and works full-time in Buckinghamshire. Having experienced both the fitness and healthcare professions, it became apparent that there is a distinct gap between the two with regards to patient/client care. With this in mind, Ben started to develop the Functional Rehabilitative Training course to aid both the fitness and healthcare industries to work closer together. In 2015, B2: Fitness Training Solutions released the a textbook to coincide with the training course, Functional Rehabilitative Training: A Professional Approach.

Ben will be working closely with Jordan RBT to deliver workshops on functional rehab, from both a medical and exercise perspective, covering topics such as gait analysis, motor pattern assessment, and advanced anatomy. 

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