Results Based Training by Jordan Fitness | Functional Fitness Training

This is a small area of 7m x 9m which is designed to be used for strength and conditioning, either of athletes or for more experienced gym users. Perfect for training individuals or groups of athletes for strength training, plyometrics, olympic weightlifting, kettlebell and functional training. 




2 x Olympic Weightlifting Platforms (3m x 3m)

2 x Wall Mounted Squat Racks (with Wings, Bar Storage, Integrated Core Plate, Shelf Storage, Jpeg Hooks, Safety Squat Bars)

Rack Attachments (1 x Step Up, 1 x Dip Bars)

10 x Competition Kettlebells (8,12,16,16,20,20,24,24,28,32kg)

10 x Slam Balls (2 x 5,7,9,12,15kg)

2 x Elite Weightlifting Bars

2 x Aluminium Training Bars

1 x Hex Bar

1 Bar Storage

2 Sets of Calibrated Weightlifting Plates (4 x 10,15,20,25kg)

2 Pairs of Technique Plate Sets (4 x 2.5kg,5kg)

2 Pairs of Clips

1 Set of Soft Plyo Boxes

1 Set of R2 Dumbbells with Horizontal Rack (2.5-50kg)

2 x Adjustable Benches

1 Set Small Chains

1 Set Medium Chains

2 Sets of Gym Rings

63 x Aerobic Flooring Tiles

32 x Aerobic Flooring Wedge Edging Tiles

4 x Aerobic Flooring Corners


Total Price = £???


(prices exc VAT, delivery and/or installation)


Recommended Education:

Olympic Weightlifting Coach Education Pack (16 attendees)