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Results Based Training is the complete solution for your Functional Training requirements from Jordan Fitness. The RBT System combines Jordan Fitness’ high quality functional fitness equipment and industry leading education programme, via the Jordan Training Academy and is designed to guide fitness managers and clubs through our in-depth process in order to achieve the perfect Functional Training Area for your needs.

Getting a new Functional Space may be your goal - getting the PERFECT Functional Space for your specific needs is what we deliver. There are three key stages which are all managed by our highly skilled team of in-house experts - meaning there are no communication issues, no work is sub-contracted and the whole process runs as efficiently as possible. 

Firstly we “Evaluate” the look and feel of the area you want and provide the right equipment and layout, then we “Enhance” your customer's experience through in-club imagery and promotional materials. Finally we “Engage” with your staff and users by addressing their training needs through REPs accredited certifications and workshops.

Clubs can start their RBT journey at any stage; for the best results we recommend you start from the beginning. For more details of this RBT System (or the education which forms part of this process)


Results Based Training (RBT) System

Allows you to simply follow our 8 phases to develop the perfect Functional Training Area to enhance the service you provide for your members.


The Jordan RBT System is our start-to-finish 8 phase process to help you select, design and implement the most suitable functional space for your needs, that are broken down into 3 categories - Evaluate, Enhance, Engage






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