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If you believe everything you read then you would be left with a very small list of equipment that is safe to use and a very long list of exercises that will do more harm than good.

You shouldn’t do squats. You should do squats. You shouldn’t do crunches. You should do crunches. You shouldn’t use stability balls. You should use stability balls. Kettlebells are good for you. Kettlebells will kill you if you look at them wrong…sometimes it’s hard to know what you can/cannot do.

Our industry is constantly evolving so something that was the best exercise EVER a few years ago, could be proven to be terrible today, but in 5 years time it might be amazing again.

Well I am going to stick my neck on the line and say there are NO BAD EXERCISES!!! Every single exercise you can ever imagine, with any piece/s of equipment is good…but can be badly prescribed – and this is the problem.

Too many fitness professionals are lazy in their programming, and too naïve in their understanding of how their client’s body works. I am guilty of this myself in the past, and I am sure you are too. We end up with generic programmes that get dished out to every single client, and sooner or later there will be people doing exercises that are completely inappropriate for them…and this is when accidents happen, and/or progess stops, and/or your business suffers.

We are all entirely unique, so our exercise prescription should reflect this. As a fitness professional you would benefit greatly from assessing your client’s posture and gait, and identifying any areas of weakness (for details on our brand new ‘Functional Rehabilitative Training’ course contact to up-skill yourself in these areas).

Once any problems have all been ironed out and your client’s body is functioning as ‘normally’ as possible then you can start to increase the complexity and intensity of what they are doing.

Depending on their goals/hobbies/sports they play you can start to experiment with exercises that to the untrained eye may look ‘dangerous’ or ‘ridiculous’, but for what you are wanting to achieve they are ‘functional’. Not functional for everyone though – and this is why each and every programme should be specific to each individual.

There may be elements that are similar, but no two programmes should be EXACTLY the same.

  • If you can master this then you can learn to ignore all the hype over which is the latest exercise that should NEVER be performed, because you will know that everything you do is done for a reason - To increase the functionality of your client…whatever that may be. And sometimes it’s nice to just be able to show off a bit.

Written by @marklaws2011

Written by Maddie Darrell — June 25, 2014